The God of Great Reversals: The Gospel in the Book of Esther

by Timothy Cain

Final Cover for Print v2-01 - front for Nook

Have you ever wondered, “If God is real, then why doesn’t He make it more obvious? If He really wants us to believe in Him, then why doesn’t He make it easier for us to see him?” It’s easy to read the Bible and think, “If only God would show up for us today the way He showed up for His people back then.” If you have ever felt this way, welcome to the book of Esther. “The God of Great Reversals” was written to shed light on the Gospel story woven throughout the only book of the Bible that never mentions God’s name. In it you will find that even in the darkest days, God never stops working to keep His promises and to rescue His people. Ultimately, the reversals in the book of Esther point us forward to the greatest reversal of all when God used the death of His only Son to bring about the salvation of all his people. It is only this great reversal that is able to bring us hope even when we don’t understand.


Depths: Refreshed by Jesus Daily

by Jonathan Shradar

Depths 7 x 10

The power, richness, fullness, and righteousness of God are conveyed and delivered in the Gospel for all those who believe. And the Gospel is what the pages of Scripture declare. This is why it is our well of refreshment and vitality that we go back to over and over again. It gives our lives purpose and resolve, this message of grace to those that could never earn it. Tap into this living water each day as you are reminded of the good news of what Jesus has done for you.


Father of Lights: Daily Meditations for New Dads

by Wes D. Van Fleet

Front cover - final

Father of Lights is a series of devotional thoughts for dads of young (and grown) children. From play time to quiet time, from watching the kids to watching the clock while Mom is gone, everything has a Gospel application. A veteran of the U.S. Army, Wes D. Van Fleet writes about new fatherhood in fresh ways that will refresh and encourage hearts of fathers of any age.




Gospel Thread

We hope you love reading about Jesus.

Because we’re publishing the internet’s first crowdsourcedgospel-centeredconcise bible commentary. It’s all about Christ, the word become flesh, the true and better, the bread of life.


Membership Booklet for Kaleo Church

by Kaleo elders

Membership Booklet high res final-final-reduced

Not available for public sale, this membership booklet is used for Kaleo Church in El Cajon, CA for their membership classes. It was written by the elders of the church, and the cover was designed by Agápe Editing.

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